Microgreens on the Menu

Another Quad City farmer has warmed their way onto your plates. Meet the Little Indian Microfarm from East Moline, IL!

Microgreens | Maximum Nutrition

Microgreens - plants that are harvested just after sprouting - bring a whole new level of nutrition to the table (see what we did there?)! As with anything miniature (the Mini Cooper, a mini dachshund or a mini shopping budget), these baby plants are cute-cute-cute but also pack a not-so-mini punch. They often contain between 4 and 40 times more nutrients by weight compared to fully grown vegetables...HOOAH!

Microgreens are high in:

✔️ Polyphenols

✔️ Nutrients such as Vitamins A, C and K, folate and more

✔️ Colors (so you can eat the rainbow - phytochemicals)

This week's micro menu:

🌻Sunflower shoots

🌿Nasturtium leaves


🎋Pea shoots

And, if you missed the lil guys this week, they'll be back next week and every week. Look for them to also be included in our salads to enhance the flavor and nutritional value, too!

For even more information on microgreens, visit GroCycle.

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