13 Reasons Why We Meal Prep for You

Today is Friday the 13th and it’s a full moon so we’re celebrating by telling you our whys! Here are the top 13 reasons why we prep healthy food for the Quad Cities and surrounding areas.

13. Grocery shopping is nearly as fun for us as shoe shopping is for you.

12. We get to support local farmers and small business owners.

11. We love getting creative in the kitchen. We also get to dance in the kitchen!

10. We don’t love the mess after but we love that you don’t have to do any dishes.

9. Khloe gets to work with her husband, the Prep to Table accountant.

8. She also gets to spend more time with her children.

7. Employing others who are passionate about healthy eating and prepping food. We learn from each other and enjoy sharing recipes.

6. Food is life. It’s medicine or poison depending on choices and we hope to educate people on healthy choices.

5. We get to vote with our dollar for grass-fed beef, pasture-raised chicken and eggs, organic, non-GMO, local produce and hormone- and antibiotic-free food (stay tuned for a mini blog series on these topics!).

4. That means fewer dollars are going to food with unacceptable standards and, ultimately, to big pharma as we care for our bodies and rely less and less on prescriptions.

3. Your feedback propels us to excel in all areas of business.

2. We get to donate meals to the Child Abuse Council’s Healthy Family Program.

1. We want our children to grow up in a healthier world with less dis-ease.

We’d love to hear your whys! Happy Friday the 13th, everyone!