Pickup Options MONDAY MENU

If you cannot make it to your pickup location within 15 minutes of the designated time, your food will be available for pickup on Wednesday at The Market (see below).



5:00 PM - Spotlight Theatre, 1800 7th Ave., Moline, IL (west parking lot, meet at staff doors)

5:30 PM - Live Active 563, 983 40th Ave., Bettendorf, IA (inside the gym)

6:00 PM - Fit Rx Fitness and Training, 1007 Canal Shore Dr, Le Claire, IA (inside of gym)



12:00 PM - Spotlight Theatre, 1800 7th Ave., Moline, IL  Call (309) 333-2496 when you arrive

12:30 PM - Fresh Blends, 2307 Cumberland Square Dr., Bettendorf, IA (inside the store)

6:45 PM - Indigo Wellness Studios, 4701 41st St., Moline, IL​



10:00 AM - 5:00 PM - The Market: A Journey to Joy, 1800 7th Ave., Moline, IL

(Enter in East or West double doors at The Spotlight Theatre, head up the stairs to the 2nd floor. Elevator on 1st floor. Handicap entrance on East side).