Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many meals do I have to buy to meet the minimum? 

A: There is no minimum order! We understand that sometimes you just need to supplement your meals, so maybe you only need help with your weekly lunches or perhaps sweet treats are your jam, while others want coverage for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Either way, we've got you! 

SIDE NOTE: For free delivery, there is a minimum order of $45 but keep in mind that the pickup option is free and orders under $45 will only be charged $5 for delivery. 

Q: How many servings per meal? 

A: Our individual meals serve one and our family meals serve four. This will vary some from person to person and family to family but is a good rule of thumb! 

Q: Where are your ingredients sourced? 

A: We source meat and produce from local farmers as much as possible (more information coming soon). Our buyers have a keen eye for ingredients and source only the highest quality for your table!

Q: Do any of your meals contain gluten? 

A: No, none of our meals contain any gluten but they are prepared in a facility that uses gluten and other allergens. 

Q: Do any of your meals contain dairy? 

A: Yes, we do offer dairy in select meals but always with the option to opt out. We offer vegan cheese options or you can omit the cheese altogether. 

Q: Do you have any meatless options? 

A: Yes, we offer fresh salads and also cooked meals containing no meat or dairy. Some of our meals have the option to omit the meat, such as our delicious, veggie-filled lasagna and tasty handmade pizzas. 

Q: Do you offer egg-free meals? 

A: Many of our meals do not contain eggs and we are working on offering even more eggless dishes in the future! The ingredients are listed under each meal selection for your convenience. 

Q: When is the ordering deadline? 

A: As of July 30, 2019, orders must be placed by **Sunday** at midnight for Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday pickup or delivery. Options are limited after Thursday.

Q: What are my pickup options? 



5:00 PM - Spotlight Theatre, 1800 7th Ave., Moline, IL (park on the West Side of the building and we will be in the entrance of the “Staff Doors” at 5:00)


During Business Hours at the following gyms

  1. - Live Active 563, 983 40th Ave, Bettendorf IA

  2.  New City Crossfit, 640 29th St, Bettendorf IA

  3. The Movemeant, 1567 36th Ave, Moline IL

Q: What are my delivery options? 

A: Select "ship to my address" at checkout and email to arrange a time

Free delivery for orders over $45 or $5 for anything under $45! 

Q: Do you support any local, QC charities? 

A:  A portion of our sales goes toward providing meals made with gluten-free, organic ingredients for the Child Abuse Council's Healthy Families Program in Moline, IL. 

Q: Are there any allergens in your commercial kitchen? 

Our food is processed in a facility that also uses all common food allergens (dairy/cow’s milk, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, shellfish, wheat/gluten, soy, fish). Ingredients subject to change based on availability.